The Journey

Every respiratory therapist has a unique  journey into our profession. No matter where you are on that journey, building a strong educational foundation can help you reach your goals, earn your credentials and create more joy in your life.


I'm Tonya Piehl

I'm proud to say that I am a community college graduate and professional student. I graduated with my AAS in Respiratory Care in 1993 from Midland College, my BSRC from Midwestern State University in 2002, and my MEd from Abilene Christian University in 2010. 

Now, I use what I’ve learned from my own educational experiences to help students, just like you, find success in earning their NBRC credentials. I’ll show you how to learn more efficiently, test more accurately, and transition your success in the classroom into earning your RRT credential.

Esperanza B.

"Tonya is a superb educator.  You won't regret the time you spend learning from her."

Rosie P.

"Tonya uses different teaching methods and takes the time to make sure students have answers."

Katelyn W.

"I was prepared for the NBRC exams thanks to Tonya's time and instructional methods."

My Journey

As a respiratory therapist working clinical practice, I knew that the work I was doing made a difference in people's lives; however, I often struggled with the fact that I was only one person. I could treat and care for a limited number of patients and I wanted to make a bigger impact in the Respiratory Care profession.  That opportunity presented itself when I was hired as Director of Clinical Education at Odessa College in 1997. It was in education that I could help more patients.  Each student that graduated allowed me to have an impact on the lives of patients for which they provide respiratory care.

I'm currently director for the Weatherford College Respiratory Care Program and it's been an amazing educational journey.  I've developed a respiratory therapy program from the ground up and have successfully led that program through the national accreditation process multiple times.  I've actively influenced state-wide curriculum, recredentialed through the NBRC on numerous occasions and, most importantly honed my teaching skills.

Why I Do It

I do it for the "light bulb" moments.  That moment when all the lectures, labs, tutoring, homework and late-night study sessions come together.  That moment  when the student's eyes light up because it's finally connected .  That "ah-ha" moment when the student says "I got it!" That moment when I get to see joy in THEIR accomplishment.  That's the "good stuff" and that's why I do it!

I also know that this is my calling.  I have been given a talent for teaching and it is my responsibility to grow and strengthen that talent. After spending 25 years honing my teaching skills and working within the NBRC matrix, I am confident that you, too, can have those "light bulb" moments.  

Let's make it happen together!